'The Lovers' Prints

$12.00 - $20.00

This watercolor is originally painted on a large 22×30″ cold press sheet, as I wanted something classy and unique to hang in the bedroom.

The love between partners is a bond unlike any other. I adore my husband and longed to communicate our connection through this artwork. He is my safety, my comfort, my heart, my home – my everything. He is my best friend, partner in crime, and the love of my life, and I hope I am able to adequately showcase that love through this piece.

Note: I plan to create an inclusive series based on this concept. If I have not painted something to represent you and your love yet, please reach out and I can prioritize the applicable painting for you next!*


*No commission charge will apply to this situation, as I will be making each variation eventually. If you would like to own the finished original, please let me know as this will affect production and fulfillment time.


Every print will be signed by hand prior to shipping, so you know it’s really from me!

Use code "LOCALPICKUP" to remove shipping charges and schedule pickup between Sandy and American Fork, Utah! Please only use if you are local and can pick up!

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