Do you take commissions?

YES! I love working with others to create the artwork of their dreams! Timing may vary based on current projects and upcoming events, but we will chat about that.

Please fill out this Google form so that we can get the ball rolling! (You will be able to see all of my commission policies within the form.)

I'm interested in an original I saw on your social media - is it available?

If it's listed, it's available! When in doubt, you can always fill out my contact form, or DM me.

What quality can I expect from your prints?

I am proud to source my prints through fellow local, woman-owned business, Prism Print Shop. They are superb at what they do!

All of my prints are giclee printed on either Moab Entrada Rag Natural (100% cotton, acid-free archival, 290 gsm) or Hahnemühle Photo Rag Satin (100% rag, acid-free, semi-gloss), depending on style of painting. If the artwork covers the full page, expect a small margin to allow the artwork to be fully visible within a frame.

Do you leaf by hand? Is it real gold?

I leaf all originals AND prints by hand, so you should expect small variations from photos. Currently, my art is made using imitation gold leaf to keep costs and pricing down - but I hope to be upgrading to offer genuine gold leaf soon! Watch my emails and socials for updates on this!

What happened to your How To Oil Paint blog?

I switched site hosting to be simpler and nicer to use - unfortunately, I don't have blog capabilities on it yet.

That said, all of the information in my posts will be available as a PDF very soon! Sign up for my newsletter to recieve it in your inbox so I can share what I've learned with you! 

Can I get a tattoo of your artwork?

I would be honored!! In my products, you will find a "Tattoo Credit" - this is the personal use fee for using my artwork for your tattoo! Once I receive payment I will send a digital file for you to take to your tattoo artist.

Please see the copyright section below for information on copyright rules. Purchase of a tattoo credit allows for a one-time personal use of my artwork, only. I still retain all rights to my images.

Thank you so much for being respectful of my craft and ejoying it enough to want it on your own canvas!


How will you ship my order?

I typically ship via USPS Ground and include tracking. If you would like another service, let me know! 

Do you ship worldwide?

I am working on it! Please keep an eye on my emails and socials for updates on this! 

How quickly will you ship my order?

I typically have most things constantly on hand - but sometimes run out at events! If the item is on hand, I usually ship the following business day.

If I do need to order from my print shop, customize, or leaf your item, expect about a week to have your order ready to ship. I will always update you if this is the case.


What is your return policy?

Cancelations requested prior to shipping will be refunded immediately! If your order has already shipped, I am unable to issue a refund until I have received the item back in original sellable condition, within 30 days of purchase.

l am unable to accept any returns on originals, commissions, or customized items at this time.

What do I need to know about copyright?

I retain all rights to all of my works, including commissions, unless otherwise specified in writing on the commission contract.

By purchasing my art you agree to the following terms: a) you will not make copies, prints, or reproductions of the artwork – this includes NFT; b) you will not portray the artwork as your own; c) you will not resell my original paintings without due credit to myself as the original artist, and d) I, Jack Malstrom, retain all rights to the image and may make prints and/or any other products at my sole discretion.

How can I contact you?

You can always fill out the contact form, or DM me on Instagram!

Or, here is my official contact information:

Malstrom Fine Art

Mailing address: 12180 S 300 E, #1152, Draper, UT 84020

Phone: (801)432-0833

Email: [email protected]