'Monstera Meditation' Print Companion Set

$21.60 - $36.00

The ‘Monstera Meditation’ Set includes both companion pieces together, and would look amazing in the bedroom, bathroom, yoga space, meditation space, on a desk, or wherever else you feel inspired to put it up!
As always, they are giclee printed on 100% cotton fiber, acid-free archival paper.

This set includes both ‘Monstera Meditation’ I & II. Please specify in the order notes whether you would like Monstera Meditation I (the woman) in landscape (original) or portrait orientation.

This set’s pricing reflects a 10% discount!

This pair was made to bring a sense of calm and thoughtfulness.

As a mom to both a son and a daughter, I wanted to create something that would display the inner peace and tranquility that can come from meditation in a way that they could both relate to. My hope is that these two pieces can help communicate the importance of finding your center and being mindful.

Plant leaves have the amazing ability to inhale what we exhale, and then provide us with with oxygen to inhale. This beautiful cycle of symbiosis inspired these meditation-on-foliage paintings and reminds me that we are part of something bigger. Everyone has a place and a value.


Every print will be signed by hand prior to shipping, so you know it’s really from me!

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