'Sophistication' Prints

$12.00 - $20.00

Inspired by a dear friend (and a little Audrey Hepburn), this was one of my first oil paintings to really work out exactly the way I wanted it to!

My friend had posted a regular everyday selfie to Instagram, but it just spoke to me. I wanted to capture the elegance I saw in her; she is the most kind, caring, and beautiful person; someone who would do anything to help someone in need. She is a beautiful soul and I just had to paint what I could see!

I was able to gift her the original for her birthday, and she encouraged me to offer prints – so here we are!


Every print will be signed by hand prior to shipping, so you know it’s really from me!

Use code "LOCALPICKUP" to remove shipping charges and schedule pickup between Sandy and American Fork, Utah! Please only use if you are local and can pick up!

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