'Leave Her Wild' Prints

$12.00 - $20.00

This painting was inspired by the phrase “love her, but leave her wild.” In my mind’s eye, I could see and feel this painting. The components of the piece as they came to mind felt kind of erratic, but vivid: a woman…nude, walking alone…strong and confident…wind in her hair…rose gold and emerald…light balanced by shadow.

I wanted to capture a simultaneous sense of strength and of vulnerability, which I feel is beautifully represented by the intense yet balanced contrast between the light and shadow on her skin. The wind in her rose-gold colored hair guides her to acceptance of her whole self. She has dropped the robe of self-consciousness she used to wear, and honors her extraordinary worth and capacity. She does not need permission, she will not be suppressed. She will forge her path exactly where she wants it to go – and she will never be tamed again.


Every print will be signed by hand prior to shipping, so you know it’s really from me!

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