'Gilded Scarab' Hand-Leafed Prints

$16.00 - $30.00

Scarab beetles are symbols of rebirth, transformation, protection, and luck.

My original painting went through various phases for it's background, but I was unhappy with all of them. I decided to try gold leaf and absolutely loved it. However, black oil paint can take a long time to dry - so parts of the legs were still tacky and the leaf stuck to them. At first I was upset, but then had a vision!

I built up the legs using leafing glue to give it a raised texture, then I added leaf. This gave it a three-dimensional appearance of the beetle's legs being partially submerged in gold!

I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of painting the beetle's "iridescent" color shifts using only regular colors!


Every print will be signed by hand prior to shipping, so you know it’s really from me!

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